Typical Event Description

TCRA organizes a two-day weekend race event about six to eight times per year. A driver's school is available at most events for beginners, or intermediates wanting a refresher course. Cars are separated into groups of similar performance level and spaced out on the race track for practice sessions typically lasting 20-30 minutes. Groups are rotated, and each driver will typically have four practice sessions per day. A special group of club racers, drivers with race experience and properly prepared race cars, stage wheel-to-wheel races each day. The atmosphere is casual, friendly, and designed for you to learn and have fun.

In this section you will find information about the types of events TCRA runs, the schedule for the current year, a reference to the tracks we'll be driving on, details about the next event, and times and photos from past events.


Driving School

At most of our events, Touring Car Racing Association offers a two day driving school for first timers. The school is taught by experienced race car drivers. Novice drivers will participate in classroom chalk talks learning the basics of car control, track rules, car dynamics, driving technique, race lines, etc. All students will then buckle up for plenty of on-track time and one-on-one instruction. All students will have the opportunity to participate in the novice time trial sessions to test their skills and gain confidence behind the wheel at high speeds.

TCRA and its members take their "fun" seriously because of one reason...SAFETY. The TCRA driving school takes extra measures to make sure all participants can safely handle a sports car on a race track at high speed. Hundreds of drivers have gone through our TCRA driving school, step by step, and have learned to become racecar drivers. Many of them are now racing in our race groups on a regular basis, some have even moved on to various forms of professional racing. The TCRA driving school is the best racing school deal you'll find. For a nominal fee and a two day weekend, it opens up the door to the world of motor sports and ultimately, you become the driver you want to be. Someday your learned skills may even save your life...and what is more valuable than that?


Open Track

Our Open Track group allows you to drive your street car at speed on a race track. We usually split the Open Track group into two groups, Advanced and Intermediate, based on driver experience and car performance. Participants typically get four 25 minute session per day, however, due to schedule or other unexpected track incidents, it is under TCRA race steward’s discretion to shorten the sessions. All you need is a SA2000 or newer helmet, long pants, and a car that can pass tech inspection to participate.

Although the rules for the Open Track group are more relaxed compared to those of our Race groups, the following will be strictly enforced in order to ensure the safety of our participants:

  • Convertibles without proper rollover protection will not be allowed to run. Factory roll hoop for open cars are allowed but must have top closed. Other open top cars must have a minimum of 4-point roll bar installed.
  • Overtaking allowed in designated passing zones only. We generally allow the Advanced group to pass anywhere on the track with a point by and the Intermediate group to pass with a point by only on the straightaways. This may vary depending on the track and will be discussed at the driver's meeting.
  • No overly aggressive driving -- remember, this is not a race!


Club Racing

Touring Car Racing Association offers club racing at our two day events. TCRA's traditional "Red Group, GT Challenge Series" is comprised of a mix of high performance streetable cars, dedicated race prepped cars, and even retired race cars. In 2001, TCRA introduced the Touring Car Cup -- a unique home for naturally aspirated "small bore" cars to race each other. In late 2001, we also created a new Spec Miata series.

Race group practice sessions are held on both days. At the end of the first day a qualifying race is held. The results of this race are used to determine the grid positions for the final race. The final races are held on Sunday. These races are one of the highlights of the event for both spectators and drivers alike as each competitor tests their vehicle, driving skills and mental abilities against their friends.







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