Car Classification

While cars of many varieties may run together on the track, they are divided into different classes for purposes of timing and selection of Class trophy winners for each event.

Classifications are segmented primarily by two criteria: engine displacement and level of modification. (Note: these are subject to change!!).


Open Track and School Classification

Turbo/Supercharged cars are ranked 1 class above their physical displacement
Class 1 5.0+ liters, modified
Class 2 5.0+ liters, unmodified
Class 3 3.0+ liters, modified
Class 4 3.0+ liters, unmodified
Class 5 2.5+ liters, modified
Class 6 2.5+ liters, unmodified
Class 7 2.0+ liters, modified
Class 8 2.0+ liters, unmodified
Class 9 <= 2.0 liters, modified
Class 10 <= 2.0 liters, unmodified
Class 11 Exhibition
Class 12 Vintage, modified (1969 and older)
Class 13 Vintage, unmodified (1969 and older)

Race Group Classification

Minimum safety requirement is now SCCA approved 6-point roll cage instead of the previous 4-point roll bar for all race groups cars.

GT Challenge Cup

GT1 Above 5600c.c. for NA engine. Above 3500c.c. for Turbo/Supercharge Engine.
GT2 Above 4000c.c. to 5600c.c. for NA engine. Above 2400c.c. to 3500c.c. for Turbo/Supercharge Engine.
GT3 Above 3000c.c. to 4000c.c. for NA engine. Above 1875c.c. to 2400c.c. for Turbo/Supercharge Engine.
GT4 Above 2275c.c. to 3000c.c. for NA engine. Below 1875 c.c. for Turbo/Supercharge Engine.

Touring Car Challenge Cup

T1 Above 1600c.c. to 2275c.c. with N.A. Engine. Turbo/Supercharge and NOS prohibited.
T2 Below 1600c.c. with N.A. Engine. Turbo/Supercharge and NOS prohibited.
SM Spec Miata

Toyota Challenge Cup

TC All Toyota Celica from 1986 year model or up. Front wheel drive model with N.A. Engine only.

Formula and Sport Racers series

XF All Formula with open wheel & open cockpit vehicles
SR All Spec Racers (FSR, RSR, CSR & DSR)








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